Safety or Security? – Simple explanation

Safety – Security, Version 1: Simple English Videos One Minute Lesson

We put Carter in this crate when we go out. It’s secure because he can’t get out. And he’s safe. He can’t get injured or get hurt in here. Safe and Secure – Safety and Security. These words have similar meanings. So what’s the difference. A sinple answer is: Safety is about preventing accidents. And security is about preventing theft. Ooh, is this ladder safe? Actually, it’s not. We don’t want any accidents. This is our home security system. We turn it on when we go out so the house is secure. A company’s safety officer will be concerned about workers using proper safety equpment. They’ll make sure that dangerous materials are stored properly. And they’ll check fire equipment. They’ll try to prevent anyone from getting hurt or injured by accidents. A company’s security officer will be concerned about who enters the building, and who has access to information. They’ll need to keep the company’s property and information safe. They’ll try to prevent people from stealing things. We also use ‘secure’ to talk about things staying in place and not moving. This ladder’s not safe because this platform is not secure. It can move around. The lock on Carter’s crate isn’t secure. He knows how to open it. So we have to use a bungee cord too. Yup. It’s secure now. So safety – preventing accidents, security – preventing theft. We bought this car because of its safety features. It has seat belts, of course. And it has air bags all around the inside. It also has security features. It has central locking and a car alarm. C’mon, crate! We put Carter in the crate when we go out. He’s secure in there because he can’t get out…heh, heh, heh. Heh.

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