Tomahto – Tomayto: British and American Pronunciation

Tomahto – Tomayto: Simple English Video One Minute Lesson

I am English. I’m American. I speak English. I speak ‘merican. I say tomato. I say tomato. And oregano, the herb. And oregano, the herb. In our leisure. In our leisure. We like ballet. We like ballet. A matinee. A matinee. (Together) A ballet matinee. Our relationship is clearly very fragile. Fragile. Fragile. It borders on emotionally volatile. Volatile. Volatile. It’s futile. Futile. Don’t get hostile. Hostile. I eat pate. I eat pate. Like a gourmet. Like a gourmet. I take vitamins. Vitamins. I use vaccine. Vaccine. I take one route. My route’s different. I narrate. No, you narrate. And you dictate. No I dictate. You’ve got to translate. Translate. Birmingham. Birmingham. Canterbury. Canterbury. Leicester. Leicester. Worcester. Worcester. It’s a controversy. Controversy. There’s no respite. No respite. Degas, Monet, Manet, Renoir. Degas, Monet, Manet, Renoir. We’ve no defense. No defense. No privacy. Privacy. Dynasty. Dynasty. It’s zed. It’s zee. It’s buoy. It’s buoy. I like bananas. I like bananas. It’s a vase. It’s a vase. It’s a garage. It’s a garage. Aluminum. Aluminium. I am English. I’m American. I speak English. I speak ‘merican. We can’t dictate. We can’t dictate. We’ve got to translate. Translate.

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