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Vicki’s British and has more than forty years experience as an English teacher and top selling course book writer. And Jay’s American, an ex-television reporter with four decades of experience in creating cutting edge training programs.

What other English teachers say

Simple English Videos creates more engaging and easy-to-understand content than anyone else! Each video is funny, colorful, and based on grammar and vocabulary that English learners most need to learn (and practice!)
Jason R Levine,
Fluency MC
Vicki and Jay's videos are clear, simple, focused, and entertaining. I often recommend them to my students as a way to sharpen their grammar skills, pick up new vocabulary words, and understand the difference between British and American English.
from Rachel's English
I recommend Simple English Videos to students because the lessons are well-designed, effective, and engaging. Vicki and Jay are fun to watch on screen, and the balanced exposure to British and American English is priceless!
from English with Jennifer

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