About to and Bound to (future forms)

About to – Bound to: Simple English Video One Minute Lesson

Here are two useful expressions for talking about the future. Is it raining. Eh, no, but I think it’s about to. Use ‘about to’ to talk about things that will happen very soon. It’s almost nine o’clock. Dancing with the Stars is about to start. She loves that programme. So what are you about to do just now? What are you going to do very shortly? Did you call the doctors? Uh, I was about to, and then my mother called. Call them now. Bound to’ is different. Use ‘bound to’ to talk about things you think are certain to be true, or to happen. This branch has fallen down. Someone’s bound to have an accident if we don’t move it. I’d like to hire Cecilia. Me too. She lived in Brazil for ten years, so her Portuguese is bound to be good. Oh no! That’s Vicki’s favourite cup. Hey, I can fix this. Oh. Vicki’s bound to notice.

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