Actually: Simple English Video One Minute Lesson

It must be really cold outside. Actually it’s quite warm. Oh, I’m surprised. Actually’ means ‘Really’ or ‘In fact’. We often use it to talk about something strange or surprising. It looks expensive but actually it’s quite cheap. Really? How much is it? I think it’s about fifty bucks. Really? Actually doesn’t mean ‘at the present time’. To talk about current actions, use expressions like ‘Currently’ or ‘At the moment’. We often use ‘actually’ to corrrect someone politely. You’ve written thirteen dollars, but actually, it’s thirty. Oh, is it? Actually, that’s my coffee. That’s yours. Oh.

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  • August 13, 2013 at 10:06 pm

    Teaching materials for this lesson are now available in the Simple English Videos Store.
    There’s a powerpoint there which really makes it a doddle to teach along with a worksheet, teachers notes and answers, tapescript and an mp4 version of the video that you can play when you’re off line.


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