Lastly, Finally or At Last?

Finally – Lastly – At last: Simple English Video One Minute Lesson

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So the process is discover, design, implement, and lastly, review. Any questions?
We use ‘lastly’ to introduce the final item in a list.
All right? You let that cook for five minutes.
You add the milk, the salt and pepper and lastly, the parsley. Got it? Err… One more time?
We can use ‘finally’ to introduce a final item in the same way.
Are there any more questions? No.
Then finally, I’d just like to thank everyone for coming.
We also use ‘finally’ when something has taken a long time, or there’s been a delay.
No buses. How long have we been waiting? About ten minutes, I think.
Oh look! I think one’s finally coming. Oh good.
When it’s something we’re glad about, we use ‘at last’ like this too, but not ‘lastly’.
No buses. A bus is coming at last.
So use ‘lastly’ and ‘finally’ for the final item in a list.
Use ‘finally’ and ‘at last’ when there’s a delay, or something has gone on for a long time.
Wow! Home at last. What a long trip!

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3 thoughts on “Lastly, Finally or At Last?”

    1. Hello Mariusz. Good question. The trip was long and a journey would be long too – probably longer because we tend to use ‘journey’ when there’s a long distance involved.

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