Remember or Remind?

Remember Remind – Version 2: Simple English Videos One Minute Lesson

I can’t remember where I left my glasses. They’re on your head. Remember – to have a picture in your mind of something that happened in the past. I can’t remember where I put my keys. Well, when did you last have them? The opposite of remember is forget. Bye Jason. All right, take care. See you. That was quick. Yeah, I forgot my ipad. Bye. Bye. Remind is what we do when we help someone remember. OK, I’m off. Oh, don’t forget your keys. Thank you for reminding me. I must remember to renew my driving license. Can you remind me? Sure. Thank you. The post’s just arrived. Oh that reminds me. I have to send a letter to the bank. Mmmm. This soup’s delicious. It reminds me of the soup my mother used to make. Things can remind us of other things. And people can remind us of other people. This is a picture of my great great grandfather. He reminds me of someone but I can’t think who. Remember – the opposite of forget. Remind – help me remember. I hope this video helps you remember the difference. Watch it again if you need a reminder. Byeee!

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