Sensible or Sensitive?

Sensible – Sensitive: Simple English Videos One Minute Lesson

Unfortunately you can�t watch the video in your browser from here, so we�ve provided a transcript of the entire video so you won�t be missing out.

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Dum de dum dum de dum dum.
Sensible and sensitive are both adjectives, so what’s the differnce?
So how long will it take to drive to Connecticut? About five hours.
Well, be sensible. Pull over and take a rest if you need to.
Stop! That’s not a sensible way to do it.
Someone who is sensible is reasonable. They show good judgement.
How many of these have we had? Only two… each.
I think we should put them away. I guess that’s sensible.
Being sensitive is about feelings. Mmmm. I love ice cream, but my teeth are sensitive to cold.
Carter has sensitive skin so I have to put this ointment on him. Good boy. Good boy. OK.
They can be physical feelings or emotional ones.
I hate my new hair cut. Well go back and complain. Oh no. I can’t do that.
My hairdresser’s very sensitive to criticism. What? She takes everything very personally.
If someone is sensitive, they’re conscious of and able to understand other people’s feelings and emotions.
Look what Jay’s sister gave him for his birthday. Do you like it?
I absolutely hate it. What did you say when she gave it to you?
I said ‘Thank you very much.’ I didn’t want to hurt her feelings.
Ah, he’s sensitive like that.
Oooo, a skype call. It’s Harry Potter.
Dum de dum dum de dum dum. Harry? Hey, Vicki! Yeah, it’s Harry.
You’ve got a beard. Is it really you? Well, yeah! Look!
Ooo, that scar looks red and sore. Well, it is a bit sensitive, today.
It’s, It’s itchy, ah, ow, ow, ah. Ooo Harry.
I guess scratching it wasn’t a very sensible thing to do.
Go ask Hermione to put some ice on it. OK.


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