Stop doing – Stop to do (gerunds and Infinitives)

Stop to do – Stop Doing: Simple English Video One Minute Lesson

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Hello. Oh. Hey Vicki. I can’t stop to talk to you now.
After the verb ‘stop’, we can use an infinitive form or a gerund.
But watch out because the meaning is different.
Do you want a cup of tea? Ooo yes please. I’ll be right back.
When we stop doing something we don’t do it any more.
When we stop to do something, we stop doing something in order to do something else.
Can you two stop playing that game and come and help us with a delivery? Yeah.
I got forty points.
Hmm. I’ve got a question. I’ll skype Jamie. Jamie. Jamie.
Hey Vicki, I can’t stop dancing.
I can see. I’ve just got a quick question. Just a quick one?
Not to worry. I’ll ask Mr Marcus. Hello.
Hello. Ah. Hey Vicki. I can’t stop to talk to you now. These knives are sharp.
Oh, be careful. Be careful. Argh! Don’t worry. I’ll google it instead.


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