Story – History: Simple English Video One Minute Lesson

Unfortunately you can�t watch the video in your browser from here, so we�ve provided a transcript of the entire video so you won�t be missing out.

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Children like to listen to stories before they go to bed.
Cinderella and Aladdin are famous fairy stories.
But there are all kinds of stories; ghost stories, detective stories, love stories.
Some are true, and some are made up.
This is a scene right out of history. You don’t see trains like this any more.
History is about events in the past, facts about things that happened.
History is also a school subject.
And now for a hundred dollars, your next question is ‘Who wrote the Harry Potter series.
Oh, they’re great stories. I know this. It was J.K.Rowling.
You’re right for a hundred dollars. Congratulations!
And now for a thousand dollars, we have a history question.
When was the United States’ constitution adopted?
Oooh! I think it was 1776? No, I’m sorry. It was 1787.
Ah! I’m not very good at history. I can never remember dates.
I’m sorry, Vicki. What a shame!
History is supposed to be true.
But historians know that the people who write the history books often tell the stories their way.


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8 thoughts on “Story or History?”

  1. Ok, very good about the difference between story and History.I teach History at a nice school. There are a lot of stories to tell students. Sometimes I have to be an actor to tell de stories and other times I have to use maps to teach History. At the end, I have to use stories to teach what I like.That is History.

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