paper airplanes

Paper Airplanes – An English conversation

Jay and Vicki think paper airplanes are great fun.  (Vicki calls them aeroplanes in British English)  Perhaps they’re having too much fun?

What are you making.
Oh. A paper airplane.
Oh cool!
Do you want to make one too?
Oh thank you.
Well, that’s true. But you know it took…. Who did that?

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interesting book

An Interesting Book – An English conversation

This short English conversation demonstrates the difference between the words interesting and interested. Notice that Vicki is surprised when Jay says ‘I am very interesting in this book’. It’s a strange thing to say. It only makes sense if Jay is one of the characters in the book or the book is about him.

Interesting Book Tapescript

This is a very interesting book.
And I’m very interesting in this book.
This is a book about me.

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trust game

The Trust Game – An English Conversation

The trust game is a game you can play where one person falls back into another’s arms and trusts that they will catch them. You’ll see Vicki and Jay play it in this short conversation video and you’ll also learn the word untrustworthy.

Trust game tapescript

I need to learn to trust you more Vicki. How can I do that?
Oh, we could play the trust game.
The what?
The trust game. Turn around.
That’s right. And then you fall back.
And you’ll catch me.
OK. You didn’t catch me.
I’m just not very trustworthy.

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lost keys

Lost Keys Conversation – When did you last have them?

There’s a question we often ask when somebody has lost something: When did you last have it? In this short English conversation video Jay has lost his keys. Notice the question Vicki asks.

Lost keys conversation script

I can’t remember where I put my keys.
Well, when did you last have them?

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not interested

Not interested – it means I don’t want it

If someone is trying to sell us something and we don’t want to buy it, we can explain we’re not interested. It’s another way of saying ‘I don’t want it’ in English. It’s just a little more polite and businesslike. You can see how we use the phrase in two different English conversations here.

Conversation 1

This is our first new product. What do you think?
No, sorry. Not interested.
OK, we also have this. No, not interested.
How about this?
No, he’s definitely not interested. Do you have any balls?

Conversation 2

I’ll offer you two a business proposition.
We’re not interested.
Well, you’ll be interested. Now, you’re a smart young man.
Don’t listen to him, Bruce.

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card trick

The Amazing Card Trick – An English Conversation

With a little help from Jay, Vicki amazes Jason with a card trick in this English conversation. Can you work out how she did it? The conversation features the words amazing and amazed. Note that amazing is used to describe the card trick and amazed is used to describe Jason’s reaction to it.

Card trick conversation script

OK, Jay. Pick a card. Remember it. Right, Jase. Shuffle the cards.
Jay, your card is the top card.
What? No way! That’s amazing!
Yeah. How did you do that? I’m amazed.

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trying to learn

Trying to Learn to Touch Type – An English Conversation

Vicki is trying to learn to touch type so she is trying not to look at the keys. In this funny English conversation, Jay is surprised to see that she has covered her fingers with stickie notes.

Trying to learn conversation

What are you doing?
Oh, I’m trying to learn to touch type.
But what are all the stickie notes for?
Oh, I’m trying not to look at the keys.
Good luck with that.

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Strong sleeping tablets

Strong Sleeping Tablets – An English Conversation

Get ready to talk to a doctor in English with this doctor patient conversation. A doctor tells a patient not to take some sleeping tablets until they go to bed, but the patient takes them anyway. Notice how the doctor gives the instruction in English and also how they use the word effective. What does effective mean?

Video script

Here are some strong sleeping tablets, but don’t take them until you go to bed.
Why not?
They’re very effective.
Hmmm. They can’t be that effective.

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business class

Can We Fly Business Class? English Conversation

Is it worth paying the extra to fly business class? Vicki and Jay think it is, but their boss disagrees. In this funny English conversation they try to persuade her that its worth it.

Business class conversation script

Hi Kathy. How are you?
You know we’re both flying to Frankfurt next month?
Can we fly business class?
Absolutely not. The tickets would cost five thousand dollars.
It would be worth it for such a long flight.
Business class is really comfortable.
Forget it!
Ah well. It was worth a try.

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