Too and Enough

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a gas station (American English) = a petrol station (British English)


Oh, I’m almost out of gas.
Do you have enough to get to a petrol station?
A petrol station?
A gas station.

We use ‘enough’ to say we have as much or many as we need or want – so a sufficient quantity.

Oh good, you got some bottled water.
Is it enough?
Yes, plenty.

Do you think Carter’s got enough toys?
I think he has too many toys. Whee!
Good catch!

We use ‘too’ to say more than sufficient, more than necessary, or more than is good.

Oh, that’s too much.

Do you want to come for lunch?
I can’t. I don’t have enough time.
Ah, too busy, eh?

This lid is too tight. I’m not strong enough.

Notice the word position. We use ‘too’ before adjectives but we use ‘enough’ after them.

This knife’s too blunt. It’s not sharp enough.
Try this.

So how was this lesson? Was it easy enough? I hope it wasn’t too difficult.

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