If you are looking for some cool, fun and effective ways to learn English then this video’s for you. We’ve got 26 ideas and all of them are free!

To download links to free audio books and other great free learning materials we mention in the video, click here.
Click here to download our free Fix it checklist and avoid common mistakes.

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And click here to find more tips on how to learn English better and faster.
Click here to find more tips on how to learn English better and faster.

Learn English Free Video Script

Do you want to practise your English but you’ve got no money to pay for a teacher? Or maybe you need to save money? Then this video is for you. We’ve got twenty six ways for you to learn English for free


Look around your home. Do you know the English words for everything you can see? Stick labels on them and leave them there till you can remember the words.


Download an app that delivers an inspiring English quotation every day. You’ll learn new words, get motivation, and become very wise.

A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.


Read an English book. Research shows reading really helps. It’s one of the best ways to pick up grammar and vocabulary.

What are you doing?
I’m reading.
No, you’re not.

If normal English books are too hard, read a reader. They’re books with simplified English designed for English learners. Most readers aren’t free, but they don’t cost a lot and I’ll put a link to a free one below.


Follow the news in English. You want to stay up to date and this way you can learn new words at the same time. You can read all the latest stories on the BBC website and they often have videos too.


Listen to English songs! It’s a great way to learn new words. And why not sing along so you can practise your pronunciation? The shower’s generally a good place. And if you can’t sing, what about rapping?
It’s a great way to practice the rhythms of English. Our friend, Fluency MC, has lots of great raps on his channel that are specially designed for English learners.


Meet some friends who are also learning English for coffee and English conversation.

I haven’t got any friends.
Well, why not put up a card up in your local store or library?
Argh! Shhh. This is a library.


You’re going to need to learn vocabulary so get a notebook and write down English words and phrases you want to remember. Then check them whenever you have a free moment. You’ll be surprised how much this helps.


You can also store the words you want to learn with a app. There are some great spaced learning apps where you can put in words and then receive reminders so you can quiz yourself on them later. Anki and Memrise and two popular ones.


Change the language of your GPS so it speaks to you in English. You’ll learn how we give directions in English.

Turn left in 200 feet.
Turn left in 100 feet.


Practice your listening with an audio book. Don’t they cost money? Well, yes, most do but not all of them. I’ll put a link to a list with lots of free ones in the details below.


Speak to Siri, Cortana or Google and see if they can understand your English pronunciation.

OK Google. What’s the weather like today?
It’s raining Jay. Don’t forget your umbrella.
Thanks Google!


Type these letters into Google and they’ll take you to Oxford University Press’ great online dictionary where you can look up words and phrases. It’s specially designed for English learners. You can click on words and listen to how we pronounce them.


In British and American English.


American’s best.

These letters will take you to a Longman dictionary which is terrific too.


Download Fix it. It’s a checklist I’ve written to help you fix common mistakes in English and it’s free. Just go to our website, join our mailing list and it’s our gift to you.


Facebook! There are lots of groups for English learners on Facebook where people share tips and exercises. Join some today. And make sure you check out the British Council’s Learn English Page. It’s fantastic.


Laugh in English. Yes, laugh! You’ll learn more when you’re relaxed and having fun. So, go to an English jokes website. Find a joke you like and then learn to tell it in English.

Why can’t we have tea out of doors.
I don’t know. Why can’t we have tea out of doors?
Well, we could but most people use cups.


Have a language exchange. Find an English speaker who wants to speak your language and swap languages. Have half an hour speaking your language and half an hour speaking English.


There are lots of great apps designed for English learners that you can download to your phone and some of them have videos. Be sure to download the English All Stars app. You’ll love it.


Think! Who do you know who’s an English speaker? Is there someone you can have an English conversation with? Perhaps you have a friend with an English speaking au pair that you can talk to. Or perhaps you have a friend with an English butler.

Yes, m’lady.
Tea please, James.


Watch an English movie. Put the subtitles on if it’s hard. Subtitles in your language or in English – they can both help.

Oh I can’t watch. It’s too scary.


Download a text to speech app. They can read text aloud. They use machine voices, so they’re not perfect, but many are free and they can do different things. For example, Google’s Text-to-Speech app can take your Google Play Books and read them aloud. With Google Translate you can put in text in your own language and hear a spoken translation in English.



Watch YouTube videos. There are some great English teachers on YouTube, including us. We have hundreds of free videos for English learners on our channel, and most have captions so make sure you subscribe today.


You’ve got to eat so why not cook in English? Look for an English recipe, follow it and then eat it! It’s a great way to learn food and cooking vocabulary.


Join an online community of English learners. English Club is a great one that’s full of friendly people who are all practising their English together, just like you.


This next one might sound crazy, but it works. Talk to yourself. Create an imaginary friend and have English conversations with them.

So where did you go to school?
That’s funny! So did I!

Make up conversations and practice them out loud or silently in your head. Check out this video we’ve made about how to think in English.


Listen to English podcasts. They’re like internet radio. Go to Google, type a subject you’re interested in and the word ‘podcast’ and you’ll find lots to choose from.
If they’re too fast, try slowing the speed down to say 75%. There are also some great podcasts for English learners. Our friend Craig has a great one. I’ll put details below.


OK, last one. Share your English discoveries. If you find a good English app or website or video, send it to a friend who’s also learning English. Why? Well, they’ll probably return the favour and send some good links back to you. In fact why not share this video with someone now. Go on, go on. Share it!

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  1. Your videos are so useful and clever! Could you make a video about directions? It can be useful too! Thank you always!

    1. There are so many great channels for learning English. Here are some of my favourites:
      And please check out my son’s channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7lq8lN43DJ-_x_wUFjGGPQ
      But there are many more. Perhaps some other people would like to share some of their favourites?

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