Learn how to use English adverbs of frequency with our dog Carter. He’ll tell you about his exciting life as an international fashion model and demonstrate the key adverbs you need to know.

This lesson’s about adverbs of frequency, but really it’s about me, Carter. I’ll teach you how to look cool.
People often ask me about my life as a fashion model.
Well, I’m always busy. I generally have two or three photo shoots a day and I’m frequently on the cover of top magazines.
I have a lot of fans in social media – millions of followers. I post to Facebook once or twice a day and I tweet and snap chat. And I travel a lot. I was in Paris last week and London last month.
A fun fact – I know I look very fit but I don’t usually work out. I normally take a walk three times a day but that’s all.
How often do I go out to parties? Well every night, but I am rarely home later than 3 am. I hardly ever stay up till 4. I’ve got to look my best, you see.
Yes, it’s not easy being a star like me. It’s a dog’s life, but I never complain. It’s just the price I have to pay for being famous.
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5 thoughts on “Adverbs of Frequency – Learn How to Use them with Carter”

  1. Excellent material for listening comprehension and understanding the use of adverbs of frequency. Well presented and usable. And Carter is so cute too! Will definitely try and use the film with my students.

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