Concentrating or Concentrated?

Concentrated and Concentrating, Version 2: Simple English Videos Lesson

Now I want you to look carefully at this. July’s figures were up on… Excuse me. Could you please concentrate in these figures? Sorry. Sorry. They’re digging up our street. It’s hard to concentrate with all the noise. To concentrate – to give all your thought and attention to something. Jay, you’ve got work to do. Were you asleep? No, I wasn’t sleeping. I was thinking. With your eyes shut? Well, it helps me concentrate. So concentrating is about being focused. We sometimes use it in the passive to talk about things coming together in large numbers or quantities. There will be light showers to the west, but we can expect most of the rain to be concentrated in the north east. Concentrate is a regular verb, but be careful because ‘concentrated’ is also an adjective.