Fun Funny – these words can be confusing. They can both be adjectives and then fun means enjoyable and funny means comical. But fun can also be a noun, so for example, we can have fun telling funny jokes. Learn the different meanings and uses of these words here.

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Fun Funny video script

That’s funny. I thought we had some cookies.

‘Fun’ and ‘funny’. What’s the difference? Now this guy’s funny – Buster Keaton.
That was a good joke. Good jokes are funny. They make us laugh.
We say people and things are funny if they make us laugh.
And things that aren’t funny don’t make us laugh.

Why do you always do that? It spoils the champagne.
It might explode.
It never does.
Would you guarantee that?
That isn’t funny, Frederick.

And what about fun? Well, things that are enjoyable are fun.
Parties are fun. Doing stuff with our kids is fun. Riding on a roller coaster is fun.
It doesn’t make us laugh, but it’s exciting. If things are fun, we’ll want to do them because they’re enjoyable.

Anne? This is Woody. Well, I have a ticket for the High-Teen Carnival Saturday, and… well, would you like to go?
Why yes, Woody. That’ll be fun.

Funny’ is an adjective. It describes things that are comical. Fun is usually a noun, an uncountable noun.
But in informal spoken English, ‘fun’ can be an adjective too.

I had fun last night.
Me too. It was a fun party.

I had fun last night.
Me too. It was a fun party.

And one more thing. ‘Funny’ has another meaning too. It can also mean peculiar or strange.

Oooo, this milk smells funny. When did we buy it?

So if something’s not quite right, it’s funny.

Take a good look at these. There’s something funny about these. Yeah.

Vicki. There’s something funny about this picture. Oh!

I’ve got a joke. Oh good. Why don’t cannibals eat clowns? Cannibals? Yes.
OK, I don’t know. Why don’t cannibals eat clowns? Because they taste funny.

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