Looking for happy words? Here are some different ways to say you’re happy in English. Why are we happy in this video? Well, we were winners in the YouTube NextUP 2016 competition. Watch the video and we’ll tell you about it.

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Happy words video transcript

Look at this. We’ve won a YouTube competition
Yeah. I’m joining the NextUp Class of 2016.
That’s amazing!

Happiness is a wonderful thing, and in this lesson you’ll learn expressions you can use to say you’re happy. Watch us react to some good news and see how many you can spot.

We really won?
Yeah, I’m so chuffed.
Yeah, I’m tickled pink.
Well me too. I’m thrilled. So what’s our prize?
I’m going to spend a week at the YouTube studios in New York at Creator Camp.
So we can make Simple English videos there?
Yeah, and I get to collaborate with the other winners.
How cool is that!
I’m over the moon.
Me too. I’ll go and pack my bags.
No stop. It’s just for me.
I can’t come to New York?
No. You can stay here and look after the office.
Oh, I never win anything.
Well, we’ve also won some vouchers to spend on production equipment.
Two thousand five hundred dollars.
You’re kidding! Microphones, lights, a new camera.
How are you feeling now?
I couldn’t be happier.

So how many expressions did you spot?

I’m so chuffed.
Yeah, I’m tickled pink.
Well me too. I’m thrilled.

Chuffed is a British English expression and it means very pleased and delighted. Here are some phrases you’ll hear in British and American English. Notice ‘I’m tickled pink’. The idea here is you’re so happy you glow with pleasure. We might also also say we’re over the moon. Now another expression.

How are you feeling now?
I couldn’t be happier.

This one means you are so happy that it it’s impossible to be any more happy.
And now we both have some news. This is real news. We really have won the competition.
Every year YouTube holds a NextUp competition for promising channels.
There are 36 winners in the US this year, and Simple English Videos is one of them!
All kinds of channels entered, so Vicki will be collaborating with some really interesting YouTubers.
I can’t wait to meet them. We’re so chuffed!
So why did we win? Was it my acting?
Ha! Maybe. What do you think? But one reason was channel growth – the number of people who watch our videos.
Oh. Then we need to say thank you to all our viewers.
Exactly! When you watched a video or clicked the like button, or shared it, or subscribed, you helped us win.
Then thank you everyone!
We’re over the moon!

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