I’m British but I live in the US and I’ve discovered there are all kinds of ways to confuse Americans like Jay with my British English.
Here are five.

I say zed. What would you say Jay?
I’d say zee.

OK. Zed in British English is zee in American.
Let’s try another.

Could you spell your name please?
Yes, it’s Hollett.
H-O-double L-E-double T.
No. Double L E double T.
Oh, you mean Hollett. H-O-L-L-E-T-T.
If you like.

So Americans don’t say double. They say letters twice instead.
That’s true for telephone numbers too.

And while we’re talking about that, what kind of number is this, Jay?
Ah, that’s a telephone number.
And how do you know?
Well all telephone numbers are shaped like that. There’s a three digit area code and then a group of three and then a group of four.

So remember that. If your telephone number is shaped differently, Americans may be surprised. Here’s another.

Hi. What time does our flight leave?
At 15.30.
Not the flight number. What time does our flight leave?
It leaves at 15.30. 3.30 pm.
Oh right.

Americans use A.M. to talk about times in the morning and P.M. to talk about times in the afternoon and evening.
It comes from Latin.
Here’s my top way to confuse an American. I went for a blood test the other day and confused my phlebotomist. I’ll let her explain how.

You said the day of your birthday, and then the month and then the year of your birthday.
Ah, and what would you do in America?
Say the month first and then the day and then the year. It’s not 25 month, and so that’s whay I was a little confused there.
Thank you.
You’re welcome. Enjoy your day.

So the month then the date then the year. Here’s hoping you’re not like me and you never confuse Americans. Bye now.

Good, that’s a wrap.
Hey, are you sure you didn’t say H-O W?
No darling. I said H-O-double L.
That’s a really strange way to say it. All righty.

This video is also available with a clickable transcript. Click here to see it.


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