How to order a meal (2)

How to order a meal – Part 2:Simple English Video One Minute Lesson

Unfortunately you can�t watch the video in your browser from here, so we�ve provided a transcript of the entire video so you won�t be missing out.

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It’s busy here tonight. I hope the waiter comes soon. I’m hungry!
Ah, here we go. Now what shall I have?
A steak, perhaps – medium rare. Or maybe the turkey.
No, no, give me another minute. I haven’t decided yet.
Ah, dear. Decisions, decisions. OK, I’m ready to order.
I’d like a bottle of white wine, please – the chablis.
And then, I’ll have the turkey, please. Yes, that’s it. OK.
Let me check. Is this the one? Yes, that’s the one. Good.
A little more please, I’m very thirsty.
Great. Oh yes, that’s very good. Not too sweet and not too dry.
Dinner, mmmm, that’s very good. A little more wine I think.
Oh, this turkey’s great. Just what I wanted. Very tasty!
What’s he bringing now? Oh, it’s the bill.
So, how much is it? That’s not too bad. I’m going to leave a big tip.
I think I’ll come here again.


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