Come on a road trip with us and learn some of the English expressions we use for competitive games. Who will win the game miniature golf? Jay or Vicki?


We’re going on a road trip and you’re coming with us.

So we’ve just bought some gas and it cost…. How much, Jay?
Thirty one dollars to fill the tank.
Thirty one dollars. That seems ridiculously cheap to me. What about you?
But it’s still pretty expensive from my point of view.
It was about two dollars and fifty cents a gallon of gas. It’s so cheap.

OK, we’re here and we’ve met Nano who is gonning to help us with our luggage and erm… Nano is from Serbia. And we’re just about to go in. It’s a really, really pretty hotel. Really nice.

Thank you Nano.
You’re welcome.

This is a lovely place. Here are your keys, Vick.

Shall we go to the beach?

Some English for competitive games.

She thinks she’s gonna win. Ha, ha! He’s going down.
That was pretty close, Vick.
Let’s see you beat that. I’m gonna try.
This is gonna be an amazing shot.
Well, not that amazing. At least we’re tied.
This one’s gonna be interesting.
I can’t believe it. Vicki got a hole in one. That means she hit the ball once and it went in the hole right away.
Ah no. It took me two tries.
Oh no! Hard luck.
Oh no! It’s come through again. Too bad, Vick.
Good job. Great job. Well done. Fantastic, you got it in!
The final score was 41 for me to 46 for Vicki. Who’s going down now?

So he won despite all my great shots. But he kept the scores.
I’m not sure I’m going to let him do that again.
Another lovely day in Cape May.

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