Here’s a song for kids that was written and performed by Jason R Levine, Fluency MC. Simple English videos shot and edited the video in Philadelphia. It stars Jase’s adorable daughter, Lola. Enjoy!

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Everybody say Hey Lyrics

Everybody say ‘Hey!’. Now say ‘Yay!’. Well OK.
‘A’ is for day, like a day in May. A day in May when you go out to play.
You don’t want to stay inside. No way.
Go on, I say. Get out, OK.
‘A’ is for make, let’s make a cake.
Mix it and put it in the oven to bake.
Then take a break. ‘Cause ‘A’ is for wait.
And wait and wait, how I hate to wait.
It’ll be after eight when that cake’s on my plate.
But I’m ready right now to celebrate.
When’s your birthday? What’s the date?
When’s your birthday? Shout out the date!
‘A’ is for game. How about a game?
I’m glad you came so we can play a game.
Can you guess my name? Is your name the same?
What’s your name?
Day, play, take, break, hate, wait, name, game.
‘A’ is for air, please care about the air.
So we can be healthy everywhere.
Here and there, don’t forget to share your teddy bear or your rocking chair.
But you don’t need to share your underwear. Urgh!
‘A’ is for shape. What’s your favorite shape?
An oval is the shape of an egg or a grape.
Batman wears a cape to escape.
‘A’ is for race. He can win any race.
So can Superman, flying through space to chase a bad guy all over the place.
‘A’ is for save, like money to save – money that your grandma or your grandpa gave
because you’re a good kid and know how to behave.
Fair, share, grape, shape, chase, place, gave, save.
A’ is for rain, that goes down the drain, or blows all over in a hurricane.
You can take a long trip on a train or a plane.
You can go to Spain or Maine, or Ukraine.
You can go anywhere, just use your brain.
A’ is for mail. Send me an email.
Are you male or are you female?
Do you swim or sail? Are you mad when you fail?
Do you want to sit and listen to a fairy tale?
Yay! Once upon a time a long time ago there lived a little boy named Fluency MC.
‘A’ is for aid. Do you need a band aid?
Or home made lemonade, in the shade?
Don’t be afraid to get a bad grade.
What matters most is the effort you’ve made.
I know that you’ll make a lot of good grades.
Collo and spark, you’ll have it made in the shade.
Now say ‘Hey!’. Say ‘Yay!’. Well OK.

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