Do you know what boot and ground floor mean in British English and can you understand British slang and colloquial phrases like pants, cheers and knock up? Test yourself in this British quiz video. Watch two Brits talking with an American in a meeting and see if you can spot ten British expressions that cause confusion.

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British quiz

Hallo. We have something special for you today, but first I’d like you to meet our friend Craig.
Hello everyone.
Craig is British but he lives in Spain.
That’s right and I’m visiting Vicki and Jay in the US this week.
So we’ve made a special video together with Craig for you.
It’s a story about British and American English.
Yeah. There are some words that Craig and I say in British English that most Americans don’t say.
Which sometimes confuses Jay.
So what we’ve done is we’ve made a little story. It shows some things that we say that Jay doesn’t.
So your task is to identify the words and phrases that are causing confusion for Jay.
Yes. So while you’re watching see if you can spot them. Are you ready?

Well, it’s a lovely conference hotel, isn’t it?
Yes, isn’t it great?
I hope Jay hasn’t overslept again. We never hear the alarms on our phones.
No, he’s up. I saw him at breakfast.
Ah Jay. You’re late.
Sorry. I thought this meeting was on the first floor.
Well, this is the second floor.
No, it isn’t.
Never mind. Have you got the artwork, Jay, for our presentation?
Yes, it was quite a challenge. I couldn’t find all the images you wanted so I had to take the photos myself.
Oh cheers, Jay.
Yeah, cheers.
Ah. Cheers. Cheers.
Show us the pictures.
Sure. Here’s the first one.
I don’t understand.
Yeah. Which picture is this?
Hmmm. Man delivering the post.
This isn’t what we had in mind.
Where are the letters?
You didn’t say anything about letters.
But we wanted a postman.
Let’s move on. Jay, show us the next one.
OK. Well this photo was very hard to take.
I don’t get it.
Me neither.
Well, you said you wanted a suitcase in a boot. Now I couldn’t find a boot big enough for a whole suitcase but I did my best.
Are you taking the mickey?
The mi… What do you mean?
We need to see the suitcase in the back of a car.
Well then why didn’t you say so?
I thought we did.
You did not.
Don’t get shirty.
Sh… What?
What’s the next one?
OK. I put a lot of effort into this one and it’s exactly what you asked for.
It’s a school boy holding a rubber. What’s wrong now?
It’s pants Jay.
No it’s not. Its a condom.
Vicki, you’re going to have to make all these images again.
Yeah. You’re such a plonker Jay. What time is our presentation tomorrow?
8.30 in the morning. Do you want me to stop by your room and knock you up?
Oh, that would be great. Thanks Craig. What?

So did you like the story and did you spot the words that caused confusion?
If you did, tell us in the comments. There were ten of them.
In our next video Jay and I will explain what they were and what they mean.
And do you know any other British and American English differences? Tell us about them too.
Before we stop Craig, can you tell everyone a little about what you do in Spain?
Yes. I help Spanish speakers improve their English and our website and podcasts are a great way to take your English to the next level.
They’re excellent. Where can people find them?
You’ll find our podcasts at and our free courses and much much more at
I’ll put details in the comments. Make sure you check them out.
Goodbye everybody.
Bye now.

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