Do we say Thank God or Thanks God? In this short video we show you how we use these phrases and fix a common (and funny) English mistake.
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Thank God or Thanks God?

We’re going to fix a very common and funny mistake today and it won’t take long. Do we say ‘Thank God’ or ‘Thanks God’?
Let’s jump straight in and see these phrases in action.

God, I’m late and I can’t find my cell phone! Oh God!
Did you call me?
Who are you?
I’m God.
Really? But I thought God was, you know, a guy.
No, I’m definitely female. What did you want?
I’ve lost my cell phone.
Well, when did you last have it?
I can’t remember.
Hmmm. I’ll call it
Ha! Thanks God.
You’re welcome. Bye.
Thank God she could help.

If we’re thanking people directly, so talking to them in person, we say ‘Thanks’ or ‘Thank you’.

Here’s your coffee.
Oh thanks, Jay.

But if we want to say we’re pleased about something we say ‘Thank God’, with no s on thank. If you say ‘Thanks God’, it sounds funny because it sounds like you’re talking to God directly.

Thanks God!
You’re welcome.

So if you’re very pleased about something, make sure you say thank without the s.

Thank God I’ve found my phone.

And that’s it. Make sure you subscribe and see you next Friday everyone. Bye.

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14 thoughts on “Thank God or Thanks God?”

  1. It’s a good show of the difference between “Thanks God” and “Thank God”. Thanks to Vicki.

    Best regards,

    1. ” Thanks to Vicki.”
      From the teachings, I hope the above statement is also incorrect. It should be “Thank Vick.” Correct me if I am wrong.

      1. Thanks Yohanna!
        This is interesting. If you want to thank me, you could say ‘Thanks Vicki’ – like I just said “Thanks Yohanna’ for your comment.
        YOu could also use ‘to’ but it would be a little different. It could be a cluse at the start of a sentence. For example, ‘Thanks to Vicki, my English is improving’ or ‘Thanks to viewers like you, Jay and I feel appreciated’.

      2. Hi there Vicki!
        I remember one of my teachers once said that it wasn’t correct to say “thanks god” she didn’t mention the reason though… So now I do know why’s that. Thanks a million to you for making it all clear with your interesting examples

    1. IN this case, Thanks Be to God is a unique expression that is a short form of saying I am offering my thanks to God. But “thank God” is totally different expression that we use to express relief that something has happened in a way that we like or approve or appreciate. I hope that helps. This is Jay writing back to you.

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