Learn how to use the prefixes -aholic and -oholic to create new words. Get creative and make up your own new English words.

Can you think of any words that end -oholic? The most frequent one is alcoholic.

This is whisky. It’s an alcoholic drink. And this is orange juice. It’s a soft drink.

Alcoholic is an adjective. It describes something that contains alcohol. And alcoholic can also be a noun. An alcoholic is a person who regularly drinks too much alcohol and they can’t stop. They’re addicted. OK, back to the adjective. There are some other adjectives that end in this suffix. What do we call someone who is addicted to work. They can’t stop working. No, not that guy! Yeah, that guy. We call people who can’t stop working workaholics. OK. Next one. What do we call someone who is crazy about chocolate. They can’t stop thinking about it and eating it. It’s a chocoholic.
And one more. What do we call someone who loves shopping? They can’t stop. It’s a shopaholic.
These words are all informal and they’re designed to sound funny. There aren’t many words that end -aholic but you’re allowed to make them up. So you can invent a new one. So can you invent a new one? Invent one put it in the comments. Maybe it’s a word for someone who is addicted to food or some kind of food. Or sleep or some kind of activity.
Or words. If you’re a wordaholic, you’ll to want to watch the next video in the playlist now. Go on. Go on.

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