Watch this video to find out about our prefixes and suffixes playlist.

Do you want to grow your English vocabulary? Then I’m making a playlist for you.

Come and get them. Come and get them. Ten English words for the price of one.
Really? That’s amazing. What a good deal!
This is the best place to learn new English words.

Prefixes and suffixes can tell us a lot about the meanings of words and the grammar of words. They help us understand the new words we see and hear and sometimes we can use them to make new words too.

This is the best way to expand your vocabulary fast.
It’s a very productive use of your time.

So we’re going to look at how we build words in English and keep checking back because I’ll be adding new videos all the time.
Click here to watch my new playlist on prefixes and suffixes. A little bit of work can deliver big benefits. Click. Click.

Click here to see other prefix and suffix videos.



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