Fit and Suit

Fit and Suit – English Vocabulary: Simple English Videos ESL Lesson

You can’t put that there. Yes I can. It doesn’t fit. It does now. We bought Carter a new coat. He’s a very fashionable dog. Does he look good in it? Oh yes, it suits him. The coat fits Carter, and it suits him too, but fit and suit mean different things. In this lesson we’ll learn how to use these verbs. Let’s start with fit. This is the wrong key. It doesn’t fit the lock. I’m hoping this table will fit in that space. Yes. Perfect! If something fits, it’s the correct size and shape. I’ve put on some weight and I can’t close this jacket. It doesn’t fit. What do you think? I like it. Can I help you? Oh, can I try this on? Yes, the fitting room’s over there. When we shop for clothes, we try them on in a fitting room. So what do you think? It fits OK. Yes, it fits, but does it suit me? Clothes that fit you are the correct size and shape. But clothes that suit you are rather different. Does it suit me? Yes, you look very nice in it. If clothes suit someone then the styles and colors make them look attractive. What hat shall I wear? Does this one suit me? Hmmm. Try this one. Now that one suits you. Hey, new hair-do. Oh. Does it suit me? It’s very pink. Yeah. So suit is about looking good. Fit is about being the correct size. We can use both these verbs to talk about schedules. But again, they mean different things. Let’s start with fit. When we have a busy schedule, it can be hard to make space for other things. We need to meet. I could come tomorrow. It’s difficult. I’ve got to go to the bank and we’ve got a marketing meeting. Oh. But I could fit you in after four o’clock. That’d be great. So fitting someone in means making time for them, even though you have a lot of other things to do. In British English we can also use suit to talk about schedules, but the meaning is different. How about 3 o’clock on Friday? Yep – that suits me. Good, that works for me too. Great. In British English, if something suits us, then it’s convenient or acceptable. How about 3 o’clock on Friday? Yep – that suits me. Good, that works for me too. Great. Now one more expression. When people are accepted by other people as part of a group, we can say they fit in. But I don’t think I ever will fit in, not here. I’m different from the guys in this town. Well, as far as that goes Phil, everybody’s different. That’s what makes people interesting. Maybe. So at work, when someone gets along with a team and works well with them, we can say they fit in. So how are the new employees doing? Well, Sally’s great. She’s serious and hard working and she gets on well with everyone. She’s fitting in well. Yes. And what about Jay? Well… There might be a problem? He just doesn’t fit in.

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