Grow your vocabulary and communicate more easily. You’ll improve your listening too. Our videos cover essential English vocabulary and help new words stick in your mind with memorable examples. We focus on useful, common English words and we show you what they mean and how to use them. Some of them are tricky. We know the problems they can cause English learners and we’ll help you avoid common mistakes. You’ll find videos focused on things like confusing words, collocations, idioms and false friends. We also have videos on prefixes and suffixes that will help you build new words. Click here to see them.

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Check out our collection of videos on prefixes and suffixes. They’re designed to grow your vocabulary fast. Click here to see our video on how to remember words more easily. And click here to see our video on how to think and dream in English. And for more help, don’t forget we have a free checklist to help you fix common mistakes. Click here to download Fix It.